This conference seeks to attempt to unravel the complexities of introducing Building Information Modelling (BIM) into a construction industry that is both fragmented and conservative in its use of innovative technologies. The organisers hope to attract papers that will address the difficulties and challenges that will help in creating an environment for BIM to deliver improved project outcomes.

The specific objectives of the conference seek to:

  • Retain a focus on the National BIM Councils missions to foster engagement from government, industry and academia by demonstrating the specific value propositions of BIM at an individual, organisation wide and collective level.

  • Hear about how BIM standards assist in the collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information that leads to a greater consistency in the development, organization and management of production information for the construction industry.

  • Provide clarity to the industry, particularly SMEs, of the guiding principles, benefits and challenges that BIM can bring to their businesses.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of education and training to ensure that a consistent message is delivered to both the demand and supply chain on how to best implement BIM.

  • Promote the importance of adopting collaborative and co-operative procurement and contractual frameworks that work with BIM.

  • Hear experiences and lessons learned from case studies where BIM has been deployed.

  • Learn how the alignment of the virtues of BIM with lean methodologies and practice can lead to improved productivity in the construction industry.

  • Learn how BIM can support the management of information needed in design and construction of sustainable buildings.  

  • Recognise and profile the creation of long term digital assets that can be utilised to improve estate and facilities management practices.